Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Newcomer: Mabelma!

Who am I?

- I am an artist hired by the FBI to create art from important cases like the HellBoy finding or the Pandora riot, you might remember some of my work at the Death Star incident.

- I was the cavemen that came up with the RockTrek saga.

- The Force guides my life.

- I have Na'vi hair and ears.

- Mario and Luigi are my only friends

You've probably guessed it by now, but none of those things are true (though maybe the last one is)... This is who I am.  My name is Mabelma, and I'm an artist. I will be accompanying Superyoshi through his journey into the indie world by making all the illustrations for his articles. Hope you like my work, and remember, stay indie.

Mabelma will now be doing all of the illustrations for Thursday reviews!  Be sure to look out for his debut review with Superyoshi next Thursday!

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